Dynamic Integrated Services (DIS)


Marketing and Outreach for VA’s National Center for PTSD Consultation Program

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA), National Center for PTSD

Promoting Veteran Enrollment in eBenefits

Following comprehensive research, DIS developed a marketing and outreach campaign to increase awareness of the National Center for PTSD’s Consultation Program. The campaign targeted mental health providers through digital advertisements, a direct mail campaign, advertisements in trade publications, and partner outreach.

Our Challenge

The National Center for PTSD launched the PTSD Consultation Program in 2011 so that VA providers could speak directly with experts from the Center about evidence-based treatment options, clinical management, finding resources, assessment, education, and more. Four years later, the program was made available to providers outside of VA. To help spread awareness and encourage mental health providers—such as therapists and social workers—to call or email the Consultation Program, the National Center for PTSD needed a comprehensive marketing and outreach campaign. They asked DIS’s Strategic Communications and Research Team to create and execute a marketing campaign to target providers who were treating Veterans with PTSD.

Our Strategy

To understand the wishes, needs, and communication preferences of mental health providers, DIS conducted one focus group and nine individual interviews. Research participants consisted of social workers, therapists, counselors, and psychologists, all of whom worked with Veterans with PTSD. This research allowed us to test new campaign materials and gather valuable information about where providers look for information related to their field. We determined that providers preferred traditional marketing methods such as direct mail and trade publications over digital methods such as email.

DIS launched an in-depth digital advertising campaign in addition to targeting providers through trade publications and direct mail. The team also developed an extensive partner outreach strategy to reach more than one hundred not-for-profit and professional organizations that providers may turn to for information. The campaign’s success has largely been due to learning the providers’ preferences during the research stage and using those insights to craft a sound marketing strategy.

Our Results

Through a mix of digital advertising and trade publication advertising, direct mail, and partner outreach, DIS successfully increased the number of consultations from providers treating Veterans with PTSD. DIS sent more than 14,000 direct mailings to providers, created ads for 13 different trade publications, and created and distributed a partner toolkit to more than 100 not-for-profit and professional organizations. The digital campaign resulted in higher-than-average click-through rates across the board and led to 12,355 hits on the PTSD Consultation Program’s landing page over a three-month period.

After completing a one-year contract, DIS was awarded an additional contract to continue marketing activities related to the PTSD Consultation Program and to promote the National Center for PTSD in general.

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